Instagram VIII


1. Comfy day wearing Levi's jeans, white shirt and Nixon watch
2. Levi's DIY jeans
3. Afternoon in Valencia
4. Birthday breakfast

 5. Thursday night
6. Birthday girl
7. Peplum and flowers, my new blouse
8. My birthday heart balloons

9. Asos bracelet, one of my favorite
10. My new Benetton bag
11. Doing photos with my new lens
12. New necklace

@FASHIONQUITE Here you have some of the photos that I publish on my Instagram account; see you soon!

@FASHIONQUITE Aquí tenéis una pequeña recopilación de fotos que publico en mi cuenta de Instagram, hasta pronto!

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  1. very nice insta pictures :)


    Coline ♡


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