Instagram IV


1. White saturday
2. Need caffeine
3. Sunny day
4. Starbucks coffee with my little sister


5. The calm of the sea
6. On the beach
7. Thursday, neon yellow bikini
8. I love the sea, i'm feeling peaceful there

9. Fashion moment
10. Good breakfast
11. Some months ago
12. Strawberry time

13. Sweet moment
14. Let's rock!
15. A year ago, at my university (Milano, Facoltà di Giurisprudenza)
16. In love with this dress 

@FASHIONQUITE This month in pictures! See more on my Instagram account!
@FASHIONQUITE Este mes en fotos! Si quieres ver más visita mi cuenta de Instagram!


  1. Very nice pictures :)
    You are so beautiful
    I'd like to follow u what's ur insta username?


    Coline ♡


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