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cr.photos: The Sartorialist, Stockholm Streetstyle

When Less Is More

It doesn’t take much to think of a scenario when too much of something can be its undoing. A little heavy on the garlic and you’ll overpower every other flavour and ruin the dish. An excess of ornaments on every flat surface and the room will appear cluttered. The same rules apply to relatives taking up a prolonged residence over Christmas. These are three scenarios when less definitely equals more.

Back to basics

The same can be said of the things we buy, and this particularly applies to electronic equipment. Yes, it’s great that one thing can do so much. But doesn’t that lead to confusion when trying to operate these new-fangled gadgets? Often, a simple, pared-back gismo can be much easier to use than its all-singing-all-dancing cousin. Sometimes, the simplest things are the best, and anything that we may employ in our day to day lives in its most basic form can be all the more handy for it.

Let’s imagine it’s a warm summer’s day, and we need to go out for some reason. It could be to the shops, the beach, or simply to return a cup of sugar to our ever-helpful neighbour. We obviously need to wear something on our feet, because the pavements and other surfaces we are likely to encounter are often too hard or rough for our bare soles. And so we slip something on. Again, in this situation, less is more. It’s a beautiful, hot sunny day outside, so we don’t really want to pull on socks and plant our feet into leather shoes, boots or trainers. We’d all much rather keep things simple, and slip our feet into something that will provide adequate protection for our delicate soles whilst allowing our feet to enjoy the fresh air – much the same way as a T-shirt does our arms, or a pair of shorts does our legs.

Light and airy

When the weather is fine and dry, there’s no denying the universal appeal of simple footwear. And flip flops are about as basic a thing as you could put your feet into. They are light, comfortable and kind to our feet, and when you reach that sandy beach or stretch of grass, they’re simple to carry. Now, that’s much more convenient than a pair of boots, isn’t it?


  1. La verdad que en verano no se puede ir más comoda con ellas!!este año em he pillado alguna ya, pero aprovecharé las del verano pasado tmb.

  2. Me encantan!!! estilosas fotos! un beso! te espero en mi blog!pasate!


  3. Me encanta y, además, son comodísimas!

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